Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, Coming Soon

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Capcom apparently doesn’t want us or anyone else knowing the launch date for upcoming Dead Rising budget spinoff, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Though the Japanese publisher’s European blog posted details of the game’s release date recently — October 11 in North America and October 14 in Europe, by the way — the post has since been pulled. Thankfully, some quick Googling reveals that the post did in fact exist at one point.

It’s always possible that the release dates were incorrect, but we’re more inclined to believe it was simply posted before someone important said, "Go ahead." We’ve asked Capcom for confirmation, but haven’t heard back as of yet.


Thor 2 & Iron Man 3 Confirmed For Summer 2013

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Walt Disney Pictures have finally confirmed what we’ve suspected for a while, Thor 2 will be released in Summer 2013. Thor grossed $437 million worldwide, and Marvel Studios has a public mandate to release two movies a year. In 2011 it was Thor and the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger.

In 2012 it will be the superhero team-up The Avengers with no second release yet announced (is anything planned? If so we’d need to see an announcement very soon, or like, yesterday). In 2013 we’ll get Iron Man 3 on May 3rd and Thor 2 later that Summer (my guess is mid-July).

Chris Hemsworth is contracted to return, as is love interest Natalie Portman (although its entirely possible she won’t). Director Kenneth Branagh will not return, and Marvel will need to find a new director to helm the sequel.


Xerxes Renamed ’300: Battle of Artemisia’

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The last time we heard about the 300 sequel Xerxes it wasn’t called Xerxes any longer. We didn’t have a new title then, but now we do. In order to avoid any confusion, the producers are falling back on the title of the first film and appending a subtitle. So now what was Xerxes will hit theaters as 300: Battle of Artemisia. Assuming, that is, that the film is ever shot.

The sequel needs a director at this point, but that field seems to have narrowed down to a few possible choices that include Noam Murro and Jaume Collet-Serra.

Deadline has the info. So on one hand we’ve got Noam Murro, the guy who is developing Die Hard 5, and directed Smart People and many commercials including ones for Halo. Then there is Jaume Collet-Serra, who directed the Liam Neeson thriller Unknown, the pilot for The River, and has a few other films in the works like the Le Cercle Rouge remake and Harker. How will either of them do with the heavy green-screen action that defined 300? Difficult to say, though I’d almost peg Noam Murro, with his award-winning commercial background, at having a better shot with the  tech side of things. But the narrative is a whole other deal, and in reality Jaume Collet-Serra also has a big commercial and music video background. Read more

Marvel Digital Comics – Free Mondays (6/27/2011)

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Welcome to FREE Mondays! Each week we focus on all of the newly  digitized  books you can read for FREE inside the greatest collection of  Marvel comics  available online: Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Plus,  we’ll let you know  what’s coming up next week for FREE, too! With each  book, not only are you  getting a free peek inside Marvel Digital Comics  Unlimited, but each free  Digital Comic either gives you a look at a book  featured in a recent collection  or a comic that’s in stores now.
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DARPA’s XC2V FLYPMode Combat Vehicle

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DARPA's XC2V FLYPMode crowd-sourced combat vehicle revealed, now in desert khaki (video)

Okay, so perhaps the specific color here is up for debate, but one thing is clear: the XC2V FLYPMode is one imposing looking vehicle. Also known as the Experimental Crowd-derived Combat Support Vehicle, DARPA has billed this mean machine as the "first crowd-sourced, militarily relevant vehicle design."

After being selected as the winning entry to DARPA’s design-the-next-Humvee competition, Local Motors tricked out the XC2V FLYPMode in just 14 weeks. For now, it is but a "proof of principle project," meaning we probably won’t see this thing riding dirty in the desert anytime soon, if ever.

You can, however, see at least a portion of the beast’s birth in a time-lapse video after the break.

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Layoffs Hit Wizards Of The Coast ‘D&D’ Team

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Wizards of the Coast has downsized its Dungeons & Dragons creative team. Included in the layoffs was Bill Slavicsek, WotC’s Director of Roleplaying Design and Development, who joined TSR in 1993 after a stint a West End Games where he oversaw the development of West End’s Star Wars RPG. Slavicsek, who wrote the second and third editions of A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, is considered one of the world’s leading Star Wars experts.

In a farewell statement posted on the Wizards Website Slavicsek noted the projects he had worked on since WotC acquired TSR and moved the staff from Lake Geneva to Seattle: “I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with a talented group of creative people over the years, and we accomplished such feats as launching both the 3rd and 4th editions of the D&D roleplaying game, creating d20 Modern and d20 Star Wars, launching painted plastic miniatures for D&D, creating new worlds such as Eberron and the D&D Core World, and most recently launching a new category of D&D board games that started with Castle Ravenloft.”

At least two other layoffs from the D&D creative team have been confirmed on the EN World Website. Michele Carter, the “Editing Manager” of the D&D Group, who has been around for a long time (her name is in the credits of numerous D&D publications from the 1990s), and Stephen Schubert, the Development Manager for D&D, have also reportedly left the company.

Wizards of the Coast did not respond to a request for comment in time for this article.

Wizards of the Coast has given D&D a lot of support in recent years, including the D&D Encounters Organized Play program and new entry level products. But the company pared its D&D release schedule for 2011, eliminating weaker products from the schedule.

WotC’s new initiative to translate elements of its D&D adventures into the world of board games (see “Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Drizzt”, “Wrath of Ashardalon,” and “Cooperative Ravenloft Board Game”) has met with considerable success.


The Black Eyed Peas Experience for Kinect and Wii

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The game of the year is nearly here, and it’s pumpin’ to get you jumpin’ and rockin’ to get you floppin’ all over your living room floor, Fergie-style. The Black Eyed Peas Experience has been announced for Xbox 360 (using Kinect, naturally) and Wii with a new promo video, and we think it’s safe to say it blows those dinky Modern Warfare 3 trailers out of the water.

The Black Eyed Peas are the second Experience installment, following Michael Jackson, because they’re totally on the same level of pop iconhood. Ubisoft is set to release The Black Eyed Peas Experience "soon," but you can check out the trailer right now, after the jump.

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Harry Potter eBooks Coming Soon To Pottermore

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Yes it looks like pigs are flying today. JK Rowling in association with her publisher and Overdrive have announced that they will be selling ebook versions of the Harry Potter series.

This seems to be a direct reversal of Rowling’s previous statements about how an ebook isn’t a "real" book and she wanted people to experience her books in paper.

Well, this quote from Rowling seems to totally contravene that statement:


It is my view that you can’t hold back progress. I love printed paper . . . This year for the first time I have downloaded e-books and it’s miraculous . . . I feel good about bringing it into this world.

The ebooks will be sold exclusively on the new "Pottermore" web site and be available in formats for various readers including Kindle. I expect that Overdrive’s work with Amazon on library books is what will allow them to provide DRMed content for Kindles.

The ebooks are said to be available starting in October 2011.


Fright Night To Debut At Comic-Con

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Fright Night BannerFright Night will be at Comic-Con!  Dreamworks has announced that the remake of the horror classic will be in San Diego on Friday, July 22.

There will be a panel presentation held in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center.  The actors from the film, including Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Imogen Poots will be there, along with director Craig Gillespie and screenwriter Marti Noxon.  Other events include a fan appreciation part as well as an advance screening of the film.

Today, June 24, Dreamworks will kick off a social media campaign "The Fright Night Feeding Frenzy" for a chance to win a VIP trip for two to San Diego’s Comic-Con.  The studio is partnering with Yahoo! Movies to bring a lucky winner to Comic-Con.   The trip includes travel, accommodations and admittance to all of Friday’s events.  You can find out more information and all the details for the contest at

Fright Night follows Charley Brewster, a senior who has it all – he popular in school and is dating the hottest girl in his class.  But one night, an stranger moves in next door.  At first Jerry seems like a great guy, but Charley soon realizes there’s something off about his new neighbor.  After witnessing some unusual events, Charley finds out what Jerry is actually a vampire preying on his neighborhood.  No one will believe him, so it’s up to Charlie to get rid of his gruesome neighbor.

The film is set to hit theaters on August 19, 2011.


Remembering Gene Colan, Comic Book Legend

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Gene Colan at WonderCon 2007 (photo by Chip Mosher)

As CBR reported last night, comics creator and Eisner winner Gene Colan passed away at the age of 84 last night.

“The legacy of his artistic storytelling and abilities played a key role in cementing the enduring popularity of characters like Daredevil, Iron Man, Howard the Duck, Blade and Dr. Strange, and garnered him praise and fans the world over,” columnist George Khoury said in an obituary on Comic Book Resources this morning.

In lieu of flowers, Colan’s friend Clifford Meth is asking folks to contribute to a scholarship being set up in Colan’s name for The Kubert School. Details on how to donate can be found on Meth’s blog.

Fellow creators, fans and friends of Gene Colan are sharing memories. Here are a few; as always, click through to see the entirety of what they have to say about one of comics’ legendary artists:

Clifford Meth: “I knew this day would come but it came too quickly. It’s been a rare pleasure working with Gene. He knew who he was—how valuable his contributions to the world of comic art have been—how prized it remains by so many. Yet he never felt less than grateful to anyone who’d even read a single panel that he’d drawn. Until he was too weak to hold a pencil, he put his whole kishkes into everything he drew—whether it was a $5000 commission or a small drawing for someone’s child. And he was never satisfied with his artwork but always eager to learn a little more, do a little better, try something new. At 84.”

Mark Evanier: “Gene was so much a part of comics as long as I’ve read comics. He was the kind of artist who rarely drew less than two comics a month (sometimes, three) and I think a lot of people took him for granted. If he had drawn a handful of comics as fine as what he did in the sixties and seventies and then gotten out, readers would still be haunting their comic shops, praying for his return. I also enjoyed his friendship…and I have to tell you that the one time he drew a script of mine was one of those moments when I would have paid the company for the honor. I received Xeroxes of his pencilled pages — so much more wonderful, of course, than the printed product — and I just grinned for days…because I’d just written a comic drawn by Gene Colan. He always made everything look so damned good.”

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