Meet the LED ‘smart’ light bulb you control with your phone

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Meet the LED 'smart' light bulb you control with your phone

Remember when the LED lights were all shiny and new? Once we got used to them to them we thought that was it. Well, get ready to see a brand new LED light bulb concept — one that’s controlled by your smartphone and is loaded with features beyond just "on" and "off."

The LIFX (pronounced "life-x") LED bulb is screwed into your light fixture just like any other bulb, but there the similarity ends. It’s Wi-Fi controlled by an iOS or Android app installed on your smartphone that allows you to adjust the brightness of the light and choose from a wide range of color options. You can even program a light show set to your favorite tunes.

You can set automatic on and off functionality so the lights are on when you come in at night, for example. The app can also be set so the lights briefly flash to notify you of incoming messages on your phone. You can even program a light to be a night light for your child. Your phone can control multiple bulbs around the house, and the bulbs come in three styles so you are sure to find one to fit any fixture. Plus, if you lose your phone or have a guest over the lights can still operate off your standard light switch.

The LIFX is the brainchild of Phil Bosua out of Melbourne, Australia and as his Kickstarter page will tell you, he and his team have spent countless hours thinking about how you can interact with your lights. That’s commitment, folks. His page will also tell you everything you want to know about the complex technology behind the bulb, and anything else you’d want to know.

The LIFX is causing quite a stir on the funding site, and exceeded its $100,000 goal in less than 24 hours. As this post was written, the project has raised an incredible $981,735 and still has 56 days to go. It feels like the future of this light bulb is going to be bright!

Kickstarter/LIFX, via Trendhunter and EarthTechling



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