The Darkest Lie: the First Published Novel Written Entirely on an iPad

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The Darkest Lie

Here’s a big poke in the eye for all those who still claim the iPad is just a ‘consumption’ device: a novel written entirely on an iPad. It’s called ‘The Darkest Lie’ and its author is Angela Day.

Angela was kind enough to email me and let me know about the new book and its Kindle edition yesterday. I have to admit I was initially interested purely because of the written on an iPad angle – but once I read the first paragraph of the Prologue I was hooked by the writing and the story. I got through a couple chapters last night and I’m finding it a very exciting page-turner so far.

It’s also very hard not to love the backstory for this novel that Angela shared with me:

My iPad made my lifelong dream possible for me in a way that no other device could have. I’ve always wanted to be a novelist. By always, I mean it was a clear goal by the time I was 7 years old and my passion has only increased. But life was too busy for me- in college I was double majoring and we had a surprise pregnancy 6 weeks after I got married. Two children and a teaching job later, my passion has never dimmed but my time is all used up.


Getting the iPad and putting Pages on it changed everything for me. The iPad is portable, more so than even my 10″ netbook was. It doesn’t click when I type on it so I never had to worry about making noise or interrupting during a boring PTO meeting. It boots literally at the push of a button, so I could write a few sentences in line at the grocery store or waiting in the parking lot to pick up my kids. I typed everywhere.


During my kids lessons, waiting in line, one handed while making dinner- internet research, spell checking, iCloud backups, everything I needed to finally write a novel in one device I could carry in my purse.

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DC now offering all its comics in the iBookstore

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DC Entertainment, one of the top comic book publishers in the world, announced yesterday that its entire line of DC comics are now available in digital e-book format.

Fans of the comics will be able to find them in Amazon’s Kindle Store, the Barnes and Noble Nook Store, and of course the iBookstore…(…)

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Breaking Dawn Part 2: Secrets From Cast and Creator

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The Cast of Breaking Dawn Part 2

The entire Cullen clan, plus their new vampire daughter-in-law Bella, was out in full force yesterday in Beverly Hills and Movie Fanatic was there to capture the thoughts of an ensemble saying goodbye to an institution. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the cast talked about everything under the sun as the final press tour has begun. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is about to hit theaters.

It was a scene filled with much joy as opposed to a somber gathering of people saying goodbye. The Twilight gang was there to celebrate a franchise that made them all movie stars.

Stay with us in the coming weeks as we bring you interviews with the big three, but also exclusive insight from players who have been there from the beginning. We also catch up with the Cullen clan further and the creator of the entire universe, Stephenie Meyer. But until then… we proudly present five things that stood out from the cast of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

5. Lautner was concerned about how the “imprinting” of Renesmee would play out onscreen. No one wants to watch a grown man flopping around after a child that he knows he’s eventually going to marry. “It’s a fine line, and I was worried about it,” Lautner said. “It’s simple — [Meyer] said it’s a lifelong bond between two people and that’s it,” Lautner said. “At this point the girl’s like, what, 10-years-old? So it’s more of a protective thing, like a brother-sister relationship. That’s really all it is. I couldn’t allow myself to think ahead and go beyond that, so that’s kind of the zone I had to stay in.” Read more

Book Publisher Consolidation–Random House and Penguin

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Random House and Penguin are discussing a merger, according to the New York Times, possibly a precursor to further consolidation in the book industry. The pressure to consolidate is coming from a number of sources, not least because a single retailer, Amazon, is accounting for a rapidly increasing share of book sales, both print and digital. Book publishers want more clout in their negotiations with Amazon, and to a lesser extent with Apple and Barnes & Noble, to gain more power over their path to the consumer.

Agents are expressing concern about another impact of consolidation: the growth of publisher clout in negotiating for rights if the number of imprints declines.

Random House, the largest book publisher in the U.S., publishes graphic novels both through its Del Rey input and through Pantheon; Penguin recently announced new graphic novel lines both for adults and for kids (see “Penguin to Publish Kids Graphic Novel Line”). It’s way too early to know how any merger would specifically impact on the companies’ graphic novel lines, but if the trend toward fewer publishers continues, it’s safe to say that impacts there will be.

Book Publisher Consolidation

Over 60 Barnes & Noble locations victims of PIN pad tampering, customer data at risk

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Over 60 Barnes & Noble locations victims of PIN pad tampering, customer data at risk

Book retailer Barnes & Noble this morning revealed that 63 of its stores have been victims of PIN pad tampering, following an internal investigation of "every PIN pad in every store" (just under 700 locations). B&N calls the tampering, "a sophisticated criminal effort to steal credit card information, debit card information, and debit card PIN numbers," and warns customers who may have swiped their cards at affected locations to alter debit card PINs as a precaution, as well as to keep an eye on credit card statements for false charges.

B&N specifically note that its company database hasn’t been breached, and purchases made through the B&N website, its Nook e-reader, and the Nook mobile apps are unaffected. According to the company, the PIN pads were implanted with "bugs" that allowed the recording of credit card numbers and PINs. To be extra safe, B&N disconnected all of its PIN pads on September 14 and is only allowing credit card purchases directly through cash registers. For a full list of affected stores, head past the break.

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Kindle DX no longer available from Amazon, potentially discontinued

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Kindle DX no longer available from Amazon, potentially discontinued

The Kindle DX never quite took off the way Amazon was intending. While a 10-inch e-reader certainly sounded good in theory — especially for the broadsheet addicts out there — it was too unwieldy and expensive for mass market appeal. While Amazon has continued to sell the device, and recently at a steep discount, it has been left out of every upgrade cycle since mid-2010.

Now, after just three short years, it appears that Amazon has quietly killed the super-sized line. The retailer has finally removed the DX from its Kindle carousel and it’s no longer listed as available direct from the company. Though, you can still pick one up from third-party sellers.

We’ve reached out to Amazon for comment and will update if and when we hear back.


‘Book Mountain’ Houses 70,000 Volumes

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Book Mountain reminds us how we stayed smart before e-books

With all of the focus on digital books these days, it’s easy to forget that so much of the world’s collective knowledge is still only available from good old fashioned paper books. This public library aims to spice up the image of the dusty old archives by making it into a place you’ll want to visit.

I must confess that I don’t get into my local library too often these days, but if it looked like this beauty, I’m sure I’d become a regular.

"Book Mountain" is in the center of the Dutch town of Spijkenisse, and houses the town’s 70,000-volume collection. There’s space for an additional 80,000 books as needed, and they’re all laid out to impress in a sun-filled space that encourages reading the old fashioned way. The two miles of shelving can be accessed using staircases hidden in the center of the structure, while a reading area tops it all off.

When I saw the design I thought that all of that sunlight wouldn’t be too good for the books, but the library points out that its books have to be replaced on average every four years anyway due to regular wear and tear, so any potential sun damage isn’t going to shorten their lifespan.

Check out the gallery to see Book Mountain’s gorgeous architecture from every angle.

MVRDV, via DesignBoom


J.K. Rowling says next book project will be for children

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That was fast—Rowling says she's heading back to kids' books

It wasn’t so long ago that we were eagerly awaiting J.K. Rowling’s first (non-magical) novel for adults. Now that novel’s out, and though it’s doing well, Rowling’s already answering questions about what she’ll do next.

During a rare appearance at the Cheltenham Literature Festival in England, Rowling was once again asked the question she’s been hounded with ever since she finished the Harry Potter series in 2007: What are you working on next?

As usual, Rowling was vague, but she did say she’s leaning in the direction of more books for young readers.

"I think probably the next thing I write, or the next thing I publish, will be for children," she said.

Rowling’s latest novel, The Casual Vacancy, was released late last month to lukewarm reviews but high sales, though not Harry Potter high. Despite the mixed reception, Rowling said she’s also still got ideas for more adult books, just not as many.

"I know what my next book for adults will be," she said. "I have a number for children I’m working on."

As for what exactly that next book for children will be about, Rowling was once again reliably vague, but said she has a "number of ideas on my laptop."

What do you think? Will Rowling return to magic the next time she hits bookstores?

(Via BBC)


Google Play Books updated with new features such as maps, annotations, and dictionary

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Google Play Books updated with new features such as maps, annotations, and dictionary

If you have the Google Play Books app downloaded on your Android device, then you will likely notice that it has been updated to a newer version featuring several improvements.  If you enjoy reading on the go using the Google Play Books app, then you will definitely be thankful for the latest feature additions.

To begin, Google allows you to search a location within the Play Books app.  For example, if you are reading a novel that references a specific location, then tapping on the location will bring up Google Maps and the option to search Wikipedia.  In addition, users can now select and pull up definitions for unfamiliar words.

Another great addition to the app is the ability to translate on the go.  Users can simply select words or text that they want translated into another language, and this is powered by Google’s translation service.  The last part of the update has to do with annotations and the ability to highlight text and jot notes in the margins.  The beauty of this feature is that it will sync across all Google Play Book apps installed on devices you may own.

Lastly, there is now support for Japanese text (meaning the app will render the text in the correct orientation), 2D page turning animation, and a sepia reading theme.

Feel free to check out the revamped Google Play Books app using the Play Store link below.

[Google Play Store]


Stephen King Says ‘Doctor Sleep’ Arriving September 2013

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Stephen King reveals how long we'll have to wait to read that Shining sequel

Stephen King fans have been buzzing for a while now with the news that the author was writing a sequel to The Shining, and now King has revealed when we’ll get to read it.

The legendary novelist revealed on his website this morning that Doctor Sleep will arrive on September 24th, 2013—just over a year from now.

The long wait may come as a disappointment to fans eager to get their hands on the book, considering that King has been doing readings from it for the past year (see video below).

The book takes place many years after the events at the Overlook Hotel and will follow Dan Torrance, son of the late Jack Torrance, who’s now an adult and still tormented by his father’s fate. Dan works at a hospice and uses his psychic powers, or his “shining,” to help patients as they transition from this life to whatever awaits them on the other side.

But just as the malignant evil of the Overlook was drawn to Danny’s power, a tribe of psychic vampires who feed off the energy of human beings is attracted to the “shining” as well, and soon Dan finds himself in a battle for his own life and that of a little girl who may possess the most powerful “shining” ever (see the full synopsis here).

Considering that King’s been on a pretty good streak lately with books like Under the Dome and 11/22/63, we’re looking forward to seeing exactly what he has in store for Dan. How about you?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)


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