Zombieland TV Series Heading to Amazon

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Just a few days ago, casting information broke regarding a small screen take on the 2009 horror comedy Zombieland.

Today, Broadcast Now reveals that the series is, indeed, on the way and is being developed by Amazon as an original series.

Planned for 30-minute episodes, the "television" version of "Zombieland" returns the franchise to its original concept of an ongoing serialized comedy adventure. As revealed in the casting breakdowns, Zombieland will blend familiar characters from the feature film with brand new characters specifically for the series.

It appears Amazon doesn’t want to be left out of the "genre series" business.  This maneuver seems like an appropriate counter to what is brewing at Netflix like Hemlock Grove, an original series debuting on April 19th.

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Amazon Cloud Player for Roku boxes, Samsung Smart TVs

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Amazon Cloud Player app arrives for Roku, Samsung Smart TVs

So you’ve embraced Amazon Cloud Player to the point where you want it at the center of your living room. Amazon is more than happy to oblige with newly launched apps for both Roku media hubs as well as Samsung Smart TVs.

The two apps will stream Amazon MP3 purchases and uploaded songs for everyone in the living room, although they share the same limitations: uploading music is clearly off the table given the lack of local storage, and we’ll have to manage that party playlist elsewhere.

When both apps are free perks of an existing service, though, we won’t grouse too loudly.

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Amazon Kindle Is Five Years Old

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Amazon Kindle celebrates five einked years

Can you imagine a holiday season without Amazon’s e-reader series? The Kindle celebrates its fifth birthday today — a device that, since its debut, has added bigger screens, slimmer builds, and even some damn decent backlighting.

Back at the start, Amazon’s first hardware was just a little chunky, covered in buttons, and housed a 6-inch 800 x 600 e-ink display. However, the online bookseller went on to dominate the then-nascent e-reader market, with no shortage of rivals now wanting claim their own slice of the book-loving crowd.

Five years goes pretty fast — we just wonder how many still have their DRM-protected Mobipocket e-books to hand.


Amazon brings Cloud Drive Photos app to Android, keeps your shots safe

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Amazon brings Cloud Drive Photos app to Android, keeps your shots safe

Looks like releasing its first in-house-built mobile game for Android (and other platforms) wasn’t quite enough for the online retail giant. Amazon announced earlier that its Cloud Drive Photos application is now available on Android for both handset and tablets, giving users of Google’s OS a cloud-based hub to use for uploading, saving, sharing and viewing pictures — of course this also includes the retailer’s kind handout of 5G of free storage, though folks could easily upgrade to 20GB for a $10 per-year fee.

The Cloud Drive Photos app is up for download now, so hit that Google Play link below if you’re looking for yet another place to keep all those awesome shots you snap with your device.

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Kindle DX no longer available from Amazon, potentially discontinued

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Kindle DX no longer available from Amazon, potentially discontinued

The Kindle DX never quite took off the way Amazon was intending. While a 10-inch e-reader certainly sounded good in theory — especially for the broadsheet addicts out there — it was too unwieldy and expensive for mass market appeal. While Amazon has continued to sell the device, and recently at a steep discount, it has been left out of every upgrade cycle since mid-2010.

Now, after just three short years, it appears that Amazon has quietly killed the super-sized line. The retailer has finally removed the DX from its Kindle carousel and it’s no longer listed as available direct from the company. Though, you can still pick one up from third-party sellers.

We’ve reached out to Amazon for comment and will update if and when we hear back.


Walmart to stop selling Amazon’s Kindle line of readers and tablets

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Walmart to stop selling Amazon's Kindle line of readers and tabletsIt’s a lonely world when you’ve no storefronts to call your own. Shortly after Target decided it best to halt the sales of Amazon’s Kindle products, it’s being reported that Walmart is following suit. A quote obtained by Reuters suggests that Wally World’s bigwigs won’t be carrying Amazon tablets and e-readers "beyond the existing inventory and purchase commitments." And yes, that includes "all Kindle models current and recently announced." No actual reasoning was given beyond the conventional company line, but one has to wonder if Walmart isn’t somehow considering getting into some of the businesses that it was previously helping Amazon push.

It’s also taken a plunge with Vudu, as it’s offering an in-store disc-to-digital UltraViolet conversion as well. You might say that Walmart would never, ever start hawking its own e-readers, but crazier things have happened — Best Buy has an entire brand devoted to in-house goods, and Amazon itself has expanded from an online storefront for laundry detergent and bestselling novels to a bona fide hardware mainstay.


Amazon Offering Free ‘Avengers’ Blu-rays to Customers Who Pre-Ordered ‘Phase One’ Box Set

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Had things gone according to plan, hardcore Marvel fans would be eagerly anticipating the arrival of the ultra-luxe $139 Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled Blu-ray box set next week. Due to a lawsuit over the metallic S.H.I.E.L.D. briefcase that the discs come in, however, the set was pushed back to spring 2013 — and when it does finally arrive, it’ll come in a different case than the one originally shown. Bummer.

Happily, there’s a small silver lining for those who pre-ordered the set on Amazon. The retailer has sent out a notice to customers promising a free copy of The Avengers two-disc Blu-ray / DVD combo, redeemable for the next several weeks. More details after the jump.

Engadget picked up the press release from a tipster. All customers who pre-ordered the set between June 1 and August 28 and have not since cancelled their orders are eligible for the promotion, and the deadline to claim your copy is October 15. If this applies to you, you should have already received a redemption code via email… but if you’re anything like me, there’s a good chance you’ve accidentally deleted it. So here’s the statement text in full:

Dear Amazon.com Customer,

We’re writing to let you know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One-Avengers Assembled Collection will not be released by Marvel as originally expected. Instead, Marvel is planning to offer a similar collection in new packaging. The new collection will include the original titles offered with the first version of the item, and is expected to be available in the spring of 2013. To make this easy for you, we updated your order for the original collection and will ship the new collection when it becomes available. The price of the new collection will be the same as the original collection.

To show our appreciation for your understanding, we are providing you with a promo code to receive a free copy of Marvel’s The Avengers (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging). To be eligible, you must have placed your order between June 1, 2012 and August 28, 2012. Any cancelled orders are not eligible to receive the free copy. Codes must be redeemed by October 15, 2012.

We know this delay is disappointing, and we’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes. If you prefer to cancel the item from your order, visit Your Account (http://www.amazon.com/your-account) and click the “Your Orders” button. As long as your order hasn’t shipped yet, you can cancel an individual item or the whole order from there.


Amazon refreshes the Kindle lineup, targets the iPad with all-new Kindle Fire HD

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Following recent product launches by technology giants Samsung, Googlerola and Microkia, the online retail giant Amazon summoned select members of the press to a media event in Los Angeles, California. As previously hinted, the company is expected to unveil half a dozen new Kindle devices, including a ten-inch tablet to take Apple’s iPad head on.

Some people even hope the company will launch a smartphone of its own, just to make fall phone options a tad more interesting. As always, iDB is watching the announcement so you don’t have to, bringing you everything worth knowing. Here are the goodies Amazon has in store for us (just don’t call them gadgets, will ya’?)…(…)

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Self-Published Kindle Author Hits One Million In Sales

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Our big, bad digital era’s been caught red-handed overturning media industry business models before, so it comes as no surprise that publishing houses have a new headache on-hand. Straight outta sunny Seattle comes word that Amazon has welcomed its first self-published author to the “Kindle Million Club.”

John Locke (so this is where he wound up after going to that quasi-’heaven’) is the lucky dude who gets to claim the prize, and that’s not all — Mr. independent-author-from-Kentucky now shares bold-face status with the likes of Stieg Larsson and Nora Roberts.

By churning out action / adventure novels on the $0.99 cheap and making heavy use of some leggy lady models, Locke easily blew past the one million mark, and even has a book to tell you how he did it. Take that evil publishing overlords. Hit the break for Amazon’s official PR spiel.

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Kindle For Android Is Available Now

June 30, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

Amazon has just released the Kindle for Android (link) app.

Apparently the app will come pre loaded on the Samsung Galaxy Android phone in addition to the Dell Streak.

For those with Android devices you can download it from the Android market.

Note:  The app is free and I downloaded it for my HTC Incredible with no problems.  Getting a book from the store also went very well and the book was waiting for me by the time I got back to the Kindle app’s home screen.  -JR

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