R.I.P. Dave Arneson, 1947-2009

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Dave Arneson, co-creator with Gary Gygax of Dungeons and Dragons, passed away last night in the company of his family. Arneson and Gygax both designed games before Dungeons and Dragons (Chainmail in the case of Gygax and Blackmoor in the case of Arneson), but put their talents together in the early 70s to create the first Dungeons and Dragons game, which was released by TSR in 1974.

Arneson filed the first of five lawsuits against TSR in 1979, eventually resulting in being credited as the co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons. Arneson also ran his own company, Adventure Games, for a time. He returned to TSR in the mid-80s and produced a series of Blackmoor modules.

In his later years, Arneson worked in the computer industry and taught.

Arneson was preceded in death by Gygax, who passed away last year


Dave Arneson Hospitalized, Resting Comfortably

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Dave ArnesonDave Arneson, the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, has been hospitalized due to an ongoing illness.

Here is a note from Dave’s family…

“As of this writing, Dave is still with us. We have moved him into a facility where we can focus on keeping him comfortable. We have been and will continue to watch the forums and blogs and are passing along everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Right now our focus is on getting Dave into the best possible position to maintain his comfort and his dignity. We will update the community as we can. We want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers and ask that you continue to send Dave your support in whatever form that means to you.”

You can learn more about Dave Arneson at his Wikipedia page HERE