Firefly’s Sean Maher–Why Hasn’t Joss Whedon Made ‘Serenity 2’?

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Firefly star: 'I don't get' why Joss Whedon hasn't made Serenity 2

Considering how famous director Joss Whedon (The Avengers) is nowadays, it’s easy to forget how big an accomplishment it was to get his Firefly followup film Serenity made a few years ago. But now that he’s a big shot, former Firefly star Sean Maher wants to know—why the heck don’t we have a sequel yet?

Maher played Dr. Simon Tam on Whedon’s short-lived 2002 space cowboy series, and he agrees with most of the fans that it’s high time for a sequel.

He told Hero Complex that he asks Whedon about it every time he sees him, and doesn’t understand why the infamous multitasker hasn’t gotten Serenity 2 off the ground:

"I wish I could wrap my head around it a little more. When I see [Joss Whedon], I’m like, ‘I don’t get it. Aren’t you like king of the world right now? Can’t you do anything?’

"’And I know we can’t do another show. I get that. A television show would be very tricky with all of our availability, and I don’t think that’s in the realm of possibility. But what about another movie? You just shot Much Ado About Nothing in 12 days. You’re kind of amazing at that. You made that happen’.

"So when people ask me if there’s another one, I say, ‘You know, I don’t think so, but I don’t know, and I kind of don’t understand why’."

We’re right there with you, Maher, and we’d love to see what Capt. Mal and company are up to nowadays. Even if it was a smaller, character-based story (i.e., not quite as expensive as the ambitious storyline of Serenity) you’d have to think there are still some great stories left to tell in that universe.

What do you think? Is Whedon too busy playing in Marvel’s sandbox to come back to the ‘verse?

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Armie Hammer To Play Batman In Justice League Movie??

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Warner Bros. is still moving forward with the Justice League. In order for it to work, they need several key characters to appear, one of them being The Dark Knight himself, Batman. But as we all know, Christian Bale has hung up his cowl, so the studio’s busy finding a replacement.

Years ago, when George Miller was developing the Justice League, he had a Batman in play. An unknown Armie Hammer (The Social Network, The Lone Ranger) was cast before the production was scrapped due to the writer’s strike. But now that Warner Bros. is giving the film a new lease on life, Hammer may have another shot.

According to Moviehole, a source close to the film says Hammer is "back on WB’s radar." The actor is once again being eyed for the Justice League. But here’s the catch: They don’t want him for a solo franchise. They’re being told, "The Batman in this movie might only be used in Justice League movies."

Hammer would definitely be a different direction than Bale. But he has the build for the character and has already rehearsed the role. Could you imagine him and Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill standing side by side?

What do you think?

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ArcLight Cinemas to Open Maryland Location, Nationwide Expansion Planned

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Soon, you’ll no longer have to live in Hollywood to watch movies like you do. ArcLight Cinemas, the California-based premium theater chain, is expanding outside of the state for the first time with a new location planned for Bethesda, Maryland. But the news is good for non-Marylanders as well. Bethesda is just the first step in a modest nationwide expansion that the company has planned for the next few years. More details after the jump.

The 16-screen Bethesda multiplex will be located inside the recently renovated Westfield Montgomery shopping mall. Construction on the theater is slated to begin early next year, with a grand opening targeted for 2014. Like other ArcLight cinemas the Bethesda theater will likely offer a programming slate that consists of big-budget blockbusters, indie fare, and older classics. In addition, all of the standard ArcLight perks are expected to be included.

Said special amenities include reserved seating, commercial-free presentations, a full-service cafe and bar, and 21+ screenings that allow patrons to consume alcoholic beverages from the bar during the show. ArcLight theaters also regularly host special events such as filmmaker Q&As. Not surprisingly, the above-average benefits come at an above-average cost; tickets run about 20% higher than they do at other theaters, according to the LA Times.

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Green Lantern 2 To Be A Darker, Edgier Film

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Green Lantern had a reasonable (not great) opening weekend but was otherwise a creative and financial dud. It is an example of that strange studio phenomenon: a film that manages to feel both over-written, with villains and set pieces seemingly cobbled together from different script drafts, and under-scripted, thanks to the total lack of sense behind most of the character actions. And audiences didn’t respond, once the marketing gave way to word of mouth? Shocker.

Because that opening weekend was north of $50m, Warner Bros. is still planning a sequel. What will the studio’s approach be this time? A solid script that establishes a story with logical and emotional drive and then embellishes it with action? Pfft. Why bother, when it can just be darker and edgier? (Or Dark Knight-ier, as the case may be.)

Warner Bros. film group president Jeff Robinov told the LA Times,

We had a decent opening so we learned there is an audience. To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action… And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in space versus on Earth.

There is already a script outline put together by Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, all of whom worked on the first film. But the LAT reports anonymous sources saying that the outline could be changed or scrapped altogether.

And as for Martin Campbell, who directed the first? He has an option to direct the sequel, but WB reportedly doesn’t want him to be in the big chair. So there might be some backstage dealmaking to be done, but expect to see another name on the film in 2013 or so. (As we expected, really.)


‘The Hobbit’s’ Thorin Oakenshield Revealed

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Warner Bros. has released an image of Richard Armitage as Thoren Oakenshield, who led a force of a dozen dwarves (and the hobbit Bilbo Baggins) on the Quest of Erebor. This completes the brave company of adventurers from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which is due to be released on December 14th, 2012.

The Oakenshield still was released to The One and the Tolkien mavens there were raving about Thorin’s sword, Orcrist the Goblin-cleaver, which is prominently displayed in the photo, and it appears just the kind of weapon required in a vast and dangerous task such as reclaiming the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the Dragon.

For images of Thorin’s 12 dwarf companions see: “Balin and Dwalin: More Dwarves From the Hobbit” for Balin and Dwalin, “New Still Shows 3 Dwarves From The Hobbit” for Ori, Dori and Nori, “More Hobbit Dwarves” for Bombur, Bofur, Bifur, Kili, and Fili, and “Two More Hobbit Dwarves Revealed” for Oin and Gloin. For images of Bilbo and Gandolph see “Here’s What The Hobbit Will Look Like.”


‘John Carter’ Trailer Arrives!!

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The John Carter trailer is here!  Check it out below…

When I was 12 years old (1976 I think heh), I was in a store somewhere and passed by a bookstand and stopped dead in my tracks.  On the rack was Swords of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (8th in the series).  The cover immediately took me to that ancient planet and I haven’t looked back since.

On March 9th, 2012, Disney will release John Carter, the film version of Burroughs’ creation.

If the following trailer is any indication, this film will be well worth the wait.  I can’t wait for it.  I think I’ve read the entire series of Mars books probably a dozen times or so since I first saw that book on the stand and have been waiting for a film treatment for about that long as well.

Enjoy the trailer after the break and please comment and let me know what you think. Read more

Netflix Launching Completely New Price Structure?

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Netflix hadn’t hinted at any upcoming plans to change the services it offers, but NewTeeVee spotted an unadvertised DVD-only plan on its site a few days ago, and an anonymous tipster from within the company indicates that’s just the start. The page offers unlimited DVDs by mail, per month (one at a time) for $7.99, which slots it between the standard DVD & streaming combo plans and a $4.99 offering that gives just two DVDs per month.

According to the tipster we spoke to, Netflix is planning to change its pricing entirely, by also implementing a streaming only plan with no discs for $7.99, and jacking up the minimum pricetag for combined services to $15.98 from the current $9.99 it has charged since November. They indicated the change would take place tomorrow night around 9 p.m., with customers notified by email and no plans to grandfather any of the old pricing setups along.

With aggressive expansion plans pressing forward and its costs to acquire content rising sharply, hiking the price by 50 percent on many of its 20 million+ subscribers could be the easiest way to make the numbers add up, it could be just those subscribers who are left to determine exactly what Watch Instantly streaming (or DVD access) is worth to them.

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First Look: ‘The Hobbit’ Dwarves Gloin & Oin

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Never toss a dwarf! We’ve got another awesome photo from Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (and There And Back Again) to feature this morning, following that epic first look just yesterday at dwarves Dori, Nori and Ori.

This time we get to meet Oin (John Callen) and Gloin (Peter Hambleton). Gloin is the father of Gimli, the dwarf we all came to love in Lord of the Rings, that John Rhys-Davies perfectly portrayed.

Together, with all of the dwarves, they accompany Bilbo on the Quest of Erebor where they encounter Smaug and Gollum. Check out the photo below via Collider and stay tuned for plenty more.

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First Look: Brad Pitt in ‘World War Z’ Set Pics

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After seeming like it would succumb to the depths of development hell, a film based on the Max Brooks novel World War Z is finally shooting with Brad Pitt in the lead. Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, Monster’s Ball) is directing the movie right now, and the first photos of Brad Pitt in costume have been shot as the movie is in Malta, shooting scenes that take place in Israel. Check a few out after the break.

The Daily Mail has these images, along with a few more. Granted, the site misidentifies Brad Pitt’s character as Max Brooks (he’s playing Gerry Lane), but the pics speak for themselves. We don’t get any idea of what the makeup and effects will look like, but we can start to see here that the scope of the film might be big enough to satisfy fans of the novel. Read more

Thor 2 & Iron Man 3 Confirmed For Summer 2013

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Walt Disney Pictures have finally confirmed what we’ve suspected for a while, Thor 2 will be released in Summer 2013. Thor grossed $437 million worldwide, and Marvel Studios has a public mandate to release two movies a year. In 2011 it was Thor and the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger.

In 2012 it will be the superhero team-up The Avengers with no second release yet announced (is anything planned? If so we’d need to see an announcement very soon, or like, yesterday). In 2013 we’ll get Iron Man 3 on May 3rd and Thor 2 later that Summer (my guess is mid-July).

Chris Hemsworth is contracted to return, as is love interest Natalie Portman (although its entirely possible she won’t). Director Kenneth Branagh will not return, and Marvel will need to find a new director to helm the sequel.


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