Winterweir For Savage Worlds Available For Pre-Order

April 21, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Winterweir For Savage WorldsSavage Worlds pen & paper RPG is such a great system that many companies are pumping out world settings, supplements, and adventures for the role playing core rules.

Phipps Studios has one such product up for pre-order and it looks to be just as good as everything else that’s come out for Savage Worlds so far.


Where the clang of steel rings loudly and the blood of men flows freely.”

The land of Winterweir is a cold and unforgiving nation in the world of Teth-Ammon. A world that is constantly besieged by dark and nightmarish things from the Netherdeep and Far Chaos. A world where racial tensions run deep between the various peoples. A world where there is no obvious good and many accepted evils. It is a world desperately needing heroes, or at least people willing to kill the darkness.

Winterweir is a the first in a series of setting books for the world of Teth-Ammon. A campaign starter that provides an overview of the world and its many political conundrums. It gives all the information necessary to run a Dark Fantasy campaign in a world of horrors gone wild.

Winterweir contains:

A host of new Edges and Hindrances. New Racial Templates for characters. A guide to new magical powers and how to create them. A number of new nations to adventure in. The History of Teth-Ammon. An Antagonists section with a selection of pregenerated villains for Narrators to use. A storytelling guide for the setting. New Rules for Savage Worlds. New Equipment for Savage Worlds. A adventure generator for Savage Worlds.

- Expected approximately April 2009