Duncan Jones to Direct ‘Warcraft’ Movie

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The director of Moon is going to war. Duncan Jones, the director of Moon and Source Code, has just signed on to direct Warcraft, a movie based on the extremely popular Blizzard video game world Azeroth, featured in games such as Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, and World of Warcraft. Legendary Pictures has the license, and a new script by Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond).

The aim is to begin shooting the genre-bending action fantasy by the end of this year for a possible 2015 release.

The Hollywood Reporter broke this news. This hire is a major step forward for the film after the 2012 departure of previously attached director Sam Raimi.

Jones had been uncertain what he was going to do after releasing Source Code in 2011. He’d been developing a third sci-fi film, and had talked about something with a heavy Blade Runner influence, a film called Mute. Most recently, he’d been attached to an Ian Fleming biopic. In terms of scope, this gig is beyond all of that combined.

According to reports, Legendary is going all-out here and Warcraft will be a $100 million-plus production.Thomas Tull and Jon Jashni are producing for the company behind Man of Steel and The Dark Knight Rises while Charles Roven and Alex Gartner are producing for Blizzard and Atlas Entertainment.

This news also bodes well for Leavitt’s script, something many fans had been curious about. Warcraft is such a massive game network, with different spin-offs and add-ons, that making a single movie seems difficult. As this news develops, we’ll all be anxiously awaiting news of exactly what the film will be about and which characters, setting and more we’ll see in the film.

Here’s Jones’ response on Twitter.

For you Warcraft/World of Warcraft players out there, how do you feel about Jones having the reigns to this potential blockbuster franchise? Will he be able to handle a film of this size? Who and what would you like to see on screen?


Blizzard faces class action suit over account authenticators

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Blizzard Entertainment is facing a class action lawsuit over the sale of its Battle.net authenticators, which are used to provide security for player account information for games such as World of Warcraft and Diablo 3. The suit, filed by the law firm Carney Williams Bates Pulliam & Bowman, PLLC in the Central District of California, alleged that the authenticators were needed by players "in order to have even minimal protection for their sensitive personal, private, and financial data." The lawsuit referred to an August security breach in which no financial user data was reported to be stolen.

The class action suit posited that Blizzard practiced "deceptive upselling," in that it allegedly failed "to disclose to consumers that additional products must be acquired after buying the games in order to ensure the security of information stored in online accounts that are requisites for playing."

A Blizzard representative told Forbes that "this suit is without merit and filled with patently false information, and we will vigorously defend ourselves through the appropriate legal channels." The representative said the use of the authenticator tool was optional for players, and offered players "an added level of security against account-theft attempts that stem from sources such as phishing attacks, viruses packaged with seemingly harmless file downloads, and websites embedded with malicious code."

Blizzard’s statement continued, "the suit’s claim that we didn’t properly notify players regarding the August 2012 security breach is not true. Not only did Blizzard act quickly to provide information to the public about the situation, we explained the actions we were taking and let players know how the incident affected them, including the fact that no names, credit card numbers, or other sensitive financial information was disclosed."

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Sam Raimi Off the ‘World of Warcraft’ Movie

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The World of Warcraft movie that’s been in the works since 2007 or so finally seemed to get a push forward in 2009 when Sam Raimi signed on to direct. At the time, the beloved director was just coming off of the first two massively successful Spider-Man movies, and it seemed like if anyone could get the wheels turning on this video game adaptation it’d be him. As of 2010, a new writer had been hired and Raimi was gushing to press about how “exciting” the World of Warcraft movie was for him. And then… silence.

As Oz: The Great and Powerful got set up as Raimi’s next project, video game fans held out hope that the director would get back to World of Warcraft eventually. But that’s not happening anymore, he says, because Activision Blizzard couldn’t wait for him and had to find another director. Which is a little odd, because we haven’t heard anything about the project — with or without Raimi at the helm — in over two years. Read Raimi’s comment after the jump.

During an interview with Crave Online at Comic-Con, Raimi clarified his non-involvement on World of Warcraft. “Actually, they don’t have me directing World of Warcraft anymore because when I took the Oz job, they had to move on to another director,” he told the site. “They had to start making it.”

Raimi officially committed to Oz over a year and a half ago, so his statement suggests he’s been off of World of Warcraft for some time now. But over the past couple of years, we haven’t heard so much as a whisper about what other filmmakers were up for the job, or even that the project was seeking a new director at all. We’re not totally sure where the movie is right now, but that can’t be a good sign.

Especially since the source material is only getting less popular as time goes on. The video game franchise was a veritable phenomenon a few years ago, but gamers have since moved on to other, newer titles. As Screen Rant points out, Activision Blizzard itself has admitted that its subscription numbers are on the decline. Not that Hollywood’s ever been shy about reviving a long-forgotten property, of course.

Discuss: Since it’s apparently back to the drawing board on World of Warcraft, who besides Raimi would you like to see take over at the helm?


Sam Raimi To Direct World Of Warcraft Movie

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Legendary Pictures was quick to confirm Harry Knowle’s report that Sam Raimi was charged with directing the World of Warcraft movie after he completes work on Spider-Man 4. Just a few hours after the website reported it, the production company and WoW creator, Blizzard Entertainment, issued the following press statement.

Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. and Legendary Pictures announced today that Sam Raimi has signed on to direct the eagerly-anticipated major motion picture based on Blizzard Entertainment’s award-winning Warcraft universe. Raimi has, in the course of his career, clearly demonstrated a genius for developing and adapting existing fictional universes for mainstream audiences while staying true to the spirit of the original content.


Blizzard Tops List Of 2008′s ‘Most Successful’ Game Devs

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The game industry’s annual popularity contest has begun making the rounds, and among game developers in 2008 there was none more in vogue than Activision stepchild Blizzard. According to Develop 100, a list of "the world’s most successful games developers," the dev WoW-ed its peers from atop a mountain of money with more than a billion dollars in revenue each year from retail and online sales.

Other notables on the list include 2007′s top company, Nintendo, which was forced to settle for second, followed by GTA‘s Rockstar North in third. LEGO everything manufacturer Traveller’s Tales ranked 11th on the list, while LittleBigPlanet‘s Media Molecule came in at a respectable 18th, the highest among indie UK studios. The complete list can be found on the official Develop 100 website. Check it out, and let us know if your personal favorites made the cut.


World Of Warcraft ‘Pod’ – A Self-Contained Gaming Environment

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WoW Pod contains everything you need for a World-of-Warcraft-based existence

Are you a huge World of Warcraft addict? Like, to the point where you don’t really want to have much to do with your real life if it interferes with the game? Well, do I have the hut for you!

The WoW Pod is designed to take care of every need you may have while playing WoW. It’s got food paks, a cook pot and stovetop, a throne with built-in toilet and surround sound, and of course a computer hooked up to the internet. And it’s all built to look like an Orc’s hut in the game! There sure isn’t anything pathetic about this!


World of Warcraft Patch 3.1.0 Released

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Now available over on FileShack is the 3.0.9 to 3.1.0 World of Warcraft patch.

This latest update to Blizzard’s monstrously successful MMORPG adds Ulduar, a new dungeon where you’ll fell Titans and their metal minions, as this story trailer explains.

Blizzard dedicates the patch to the memory of D&D co-creator Dave Arneson.

Switching between skill builds is simplified by the arrival of dual talent specialization, dungeons finally have maps, and the Argent Tournament kicks off. All these changes and more follow in the ginormous full patch notes below:

Secrets of Ulduar

  • Since discovering Ulduar in the Storm Peaks, adventurers have journeyed to the titan city to learn more about its mysterious past. Further exploration has revealed that the magnificent complex is above all a prison, intended to permanently confine the Old God of death, Yogg-Saron. This ancient horror has corrupted its guards, and now it is breaking through the last of its restraints. Faced with the peril of Yogg-Saron’s imminent freedom, a band of mortals has made preparations for a sweeping assault on the city. Overcoming the legions of iron minions and towering defenses at the city’s entrance will take tremendous strength, but even that great victory may not be enough to overcome the madness that dwells below.

The Argent Tournament Begins!

  • As the might of the Scourge wanes under the pressure of Azeroth’s heroes, the Argent Crusade have taken a foothold in Arthas’s back yard. Off the northeastern coast of Icecrown, the Argent Crusade have sounded the call for the most bold and brave adventurers of the Horde and Alliance to take part in the Argent Tournament. Representatives of all ten faction capitals, from Undercity to Exodar, have traveled to the tournament grounds to find champions among their heroes who will prepare for the inevitable battle against the enemy of all living beings, the Lich King.

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Blizzard Launches New Battle.net Site

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Blizzard today opened the redesigned version of its Battle.net website, combining several of its game services into a unified portal.  Players can now merge World of Warcraft accounts with a Battle.net account to create a single consolidated handle.

The account also interfaces with the Blizzard Store. A game management display allowing the automatic download of titles purchased on the service. Additionally, users of the new Battle.net will be automatically entered for future Blizzard beta key drawings.

Though merging accounts is currently optional, Blizzard noted that World of Warcraft players will eventually be forced to consolidate their accounts on Battle.net.

“As we continue to build additional functionality into the new Battle.net, we will eventually require all active World of Warcraft accounts to migrate over to Battle.net Accounts in order to continue playing,” reads the site.


World of Warcraft Mountain Dew Represents Synergy

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Blizzard today announced that it will soon be capitalizing on the lucrative gamer energy drink market by releasing Warcraft-themed flavors of Mountain Dew Game Fuel.

The two flavors, Alliance Blue (real wild fruit flavor!) and Horde Red (wacky citrus cherry flavor!), will debut this summer at your local 7-Eleven–perhaps alongside copies of the actual game.

Blizzard assures us that further details are coming soon. In the meantime, check out these extreme renderings of the drink.


New Comics Shipping For The Week Of 3/4/2009

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HULK #10

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