Exit Humanity to Make DVD Debut Next Month

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The next installment from the Bloody Disgusting Selects series, Exit Humanity, is heading to DVD, Video on Demand and Digital Download (iTunes/Amazon/XBOX/Playstation) on June 19th.

This Canadian production explores the struggle of one man in a zombie infested America just 10 years after the American-Civil War. 

In the aftermath of the Civil War an unexplained outbreak of the walking dead claims the life of Edward Young’s wife while his son disappears.  This sets him off on a harrowing journey into the plagued countryside.  Facing off challenges not just from the ferocious undead but also from the living, will Edward find an exit to the grotesque caricature of what humanity has become?  The War might be over but the fight has just begun.

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World War Z Begins Filming–Finally!

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For those feverishly following the World War Z production… Shooting for the film kicks off in Falmouth, Cornwall today, supported by local film crew from the South West. The production – starring Brad Pitt and James Badge Dale – will be partially shot on board a ship.

Open casting for the zombie thriller took place in Truro in July, where five hundred extras were brought on board for the Falmouth-based scenes.

World War Z is based on Max Brooks’s best-selling book, "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War."

Set in the near future, it revolves around UN employee Gerry Lane (Pitt) who traverses the world in a race against time to stop the zombie pandemic that is toppling its armies and governments, and threatening to decimate humanity itself. Mireille Enos also stars as Gerry’s wife, Karin.


First Look: Brad Pitt in ‘World War Z’ Set Pics

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After seeming like it would succumb to the depths of development hell, a film based on the Max Brooks novel World War Z is finally shooting with Brad Pitt in the lead. Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, Monster’s Ball) is directing the movie right now, and the first photos of Brad Pitt in costume have been shot as the movie is in Malta, shooting scenes that take place in Israel. Check a few out after the break.

The Daily Mail has these images, along with a few more. Granted, the site misidentifies Brad Pitt’s character as Max Brooks (he’s playing Gerry Lane), but the pics speak for themselves. We don’t get any idea of what the makeup and effects will look like, but we can start to see here that the scope of the film might be big enough to satisfy fans of the novel. Read more

Zombies Invade World Capitals For ‘Walking Dead’ Premiere

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Zombies will appear in 26 cities around the world on Tuesday in a global publicity stunt organized by AMC and Fox International Channels promoting the premiere of The Walking Dead TV series on October 31st . The zombie invasions will occur during peak morning commute hours in each city beginning in Taipei and Hong Kong and moving around the world, culminating at the show’s Los Angeles premiere.

U.S. cities involved in the stunt include New York, Washington, DC, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Zombies will appear at major landmarks in the targeted cities, including the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, Big Ben in London, the Prado Museum in Madrid, the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, the Acropolis in Athens, and so on.

The global publicity campaign makes sense because The Walking Dead is premiering worldwide the same week in 120 countries, 33 languages, and an expected 250 million households.

The first season is only six episodes; a second season has already been greenlit.


‘The Walking Dead’ Novels Coming Soon

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Robert Kirkman’s Image Comics series The Walking Dead, which has already been adapted into a TV show that will debut on AMC on Halloween, will soon infect the realm of prose thanks to a trilogy of original Walking Dead novels that will be published by Thomas Dunne Books, an imprint of St. Martins Press.

According to Deadline, the books will be “conceptualized and outlined” by Kirkman before being written by horror novelist Jay Bonansinga (Perfect Victim). The novels will take place in The Walking Dead universe, but will feature original plots. Kirkman himself was the first to bring his creation to straight prose with a short story that he wrote entitled “Together, Alone,” which was published in the horror anthology volume The Living Dead 2, which was published by Night Shade Books in September.


Take ‘Zombies 101′ At The University Of Baltimore

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With all the buzz surrounding the Halloween premiere of The Walking Dead and the popularity of books like The Zombie Survival Guide and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that The University of Baltimore is offering a course that surveys the zombie phenomenon. Students in English 333, which is being taught by Arnold Blumberg, a curator at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, will watch 16 classic zombie movies and read zombie comics (sign me up!). Students can either write a research paper or create storyboards for their ideal zombie movie.

Those who believe that there is something rotten in the groves of academe have seized on this story as proof of the decay in our institutions of higher learning. Courses that survey popular culture are easy targets for naysayers, but it should be noted that movies, comics, music and other forms of pop culture are among this country’s most important exports.

Certainly Blumberg, who has written a book on zombie movies, is an expert on the subject, and as the Associate Press points out, The University of Baltimore is hardly the first institution of higher learning to offer a course on the undead. Columbia College in Chicago has offered a course on zombies in popular culture for years, and students at Simpson College in Iowa spent last semester writing a book on The History of the Great Zombie War.


Image From ‘The Walking Dead’ TV Series

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AMC, which is producing the TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, has released the first production still featuring the show’s zombies. Earlier this month AMC did issue a number of photos of make-up tests featuring the outstanding work of make-up master Greg Nicotero, but this is the first chance to see one of “the Walkers” in action (though she appears to be crawling in this scene).

Although movie adaptations are perceived as being sexier, it’s hard to argue that a property like The Walking Dead, which is firmly established in the comic market and breaking out in the bookstores, isn’t better served by a TV series, especially if it’s being overseen by Frank Darabont and produced by AMC (Mad Men). For one thing TV series, like comics are basically extended serial narratives. For another, a successful TV series can run for years exposing the property to millions of viewers, something that could really help an extensive series like The Walking Dead (the 12th volume is due out in July).


Video – Frank Darabont Talks About THE WALKING DEAD TV Series

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AMC’s Walking Dead series has officially begun production and information is slowly leaking onto the net. Right out of the gate we’ve got a video interview with producer Gale Anne Hurd and the writer/director bringing it to the screen, Frank Darabont. We’ve also got a few images of “the walkers” featuring some great zombie make-up (via: AITH).

Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies.

Check out the images and watch the video interview after the break. Head to Quiet Earth to see the stills.

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AMC Orders Six Episodes Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Comic Book

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AMC have today officially announced their order of a six-episode first season of The Walking Dead, adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. Frank Darabont is writing and directing, at the very least for the pilot episode, and that’s recommendation enough for me.

The series is set to premiere during AMC’s annual marathon of horror and thriller programming, which they’re now calling Fearfest. Seems like a solid launching pad… in fact, I imagine the unveiling of such a hotly anticipated series as this in the season will actually give the marathon a boost.

The press release also announced that Jon Bernthal has been cast as Officer Shane, a key player and best-friend of the protagonist, Office Rick Grimes. Not yet official, but already reported, is that Jonny Lee Miller is the current front runner for the role of Rick.


This casting is according to Bloody Disgusting. They describe the character as “a police officer who leads a group of zombie survivors in search of a safe place to live during the apocalypse”, which will do for now, and posted this excellent comparison between the Grimes of the comic and the real Miller. Read more

‘World War Z’ Film Project Gets Another Writer

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Paramount and Brad Pitt‘s Plan B have been developing the rather terrific zombie novel by Max Books called World War Z into a film, and they’ve changed horses mid-stream. Brooks recently talked to Fangoria and announced that J. Michael Straczynski, the Changeling and Babylon 5 writer who had thrown together one adaptation, had been usurped.

According to Brooks, Matthew Carnahan, brother of Joe and co-writer of State of Play and writer of The Kingdom, has been hired to give World War Z a fresh set of eyes. He’s not exactly known for this kind of thing, so it would be interesting to compare the two scrips at some point.

The author seems pleased with the change, in large part because the costs keep mounting for the studio, so surely they’ve got to do something with the movie, right?


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